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Shocker: I’ve lost 19 pounds since Valentine’s Day by avoiding Industrial Food!

I want to share where I am at with my efforts to walk away from Industrial food.

An Inner Debate

On Feb 9 I listened in as Daniel Vitalis and David Wolfe participated in Kevin Gianni’s “Great Health Debate.”  Click to read my review of the event and see why it immediately motivated me to make some serious changes in my life.

That was only 3 1/2 weeks ago–just before Valentines Day.  Since then I have honored my commitment to avoid meat, dairy, GMOs, processed foods, refined sugar, coffee, and I’ve eliminated all gluten from my diet.  The result?

I Break the News

I FEEL GREAT and I HAVE LOST 19 LBS in just 25 DAYS!

I wasn’t expecting these kind of results.  When I went to weigh myself today I thought the scale would tell me I had  lost around 10-12 LBS.   The reason I am surprised is because I have been unable to exercise due to injury.

100% Raw VS My New Approach

This level of weight loss is almost identical to the results I had when I did my 100% raw food challenge.  Even the starting and ending weights are within a few pounds! Here you can see full body Before & After pics taken during my first 30 days raw. However, this time around I am only eating about 1/3  of my calories in raw form (uncooked fruits n’ veggies).

Cooked Carbs

I was concerned that my increased intake of cooked carbohydrate like potatoes, carrots, beans, brown rice pasta, and organic corn tortillas; might even result in weight gain.  When I did 100% raw I gave up ALL alcohol.  The past 3 1/2 weeks I have enjoyed red wine and even cocktails made with only fresh ingredients.

Fat Phobia

The other difference between how I eat now VS when I ate only raw food for 60 days–is my fat intake. While I have not been fat phobic in any way, I am eating way less fat than when I did 100% raw and was eating a ton of nuts, nut creams, nut butters, and 1-2 avocados a day. I don’t include nuts in my diet every day now.  I eat a half an avocado every other day or so.  I cook sparingly with olive oil and try to instead use it in it’s uncooked form in salads or pesto. I do eat a few eggs each week.

So What Exactly DO I Eat Now?

If you are curious to read more about what I HAVE been eating, and even see some pics, check out my daily food log called What I Ate Today.

The only current “Before & After” pics I have kinda suck, but I will include them here because I think you can see a dramatic difference in my fat face.  My apologies, the first pic is creepy.


Scary Valentine photo taken Feb 12 256 LBS

Same hat, looking a little more Grapes Of Wrath, less than 3 weeks later, Mar 7--237 LBS

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60 Days Raw Log: Day 4 is like groundhog day, but with gin & meatballs


Day 4

Almost Halloween…working in the service industry blows…you are always working when the other 90% of the world is partying. Friend from L.A. called today asking if I could come do the West Hollywood Halloween party thing…had to give the “I’m working all weekend” depressing answer.

And, unfortunately this year I’m bartending the whole weekend in a rather geriatric setting–an old school Italian restaurant/piano bar where the patrons sing the same Frank Sinatra type melodies over and over and over…like groundhog day with gin & meatballs. The old piano player is cool though.  He gets hammered and is anything but “PC” with his Obama jokes as he reaches up the old ladies dresses when they stand next to the piano to sing.

Woke up today at 1pm–felt shitty & cold.  No other way to put it.  Didn’t feel like eating anything, especially cold raw food.  Picked up a book and fell back asleep.

At 2pm I had my first meal, and my first experience with spirulina. Talk about Halloween ghoulish!  The coolest, strangest, blue-green stuff I’ve ever seen in a blender.  Wild.  The label on the glass container it comes in says “Spirulina is a HARD-CORE superfood.”  I will go so far to say spirulina is XXX! I’m pretty adventurous with food and I was afraid to drink it.  My girlfriend screamed and ran away.  I blended a heaping tbs with a whole banana, a tbs of raw honey, a tbs of cacao nibs, and a tbs of almond butter (with water and ice).  All I can say after drinking it…I think I finally met God…and Her name is Spirulina…

Here is a spirulina link to a web page that goes into great detail about the science and evolution of spirulina, it’s only one page (so you should read it) and makes me want to ingest a lot more of this stuff…was it the “manna” from God those wandering Israelites never stopped complaining about having to eat?

What I ate today:

  • Spirulina Smoothie!
  • Pear
  • Lara Bar
  • Apple
  • Giant Salad: Spinach, Lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, Greek olives, olive oil, lemon, black pepper, mustard, rawmesean.
  • Brownie smoothie: This one turned out amazing…1tbs raw cacao powder, 1 tbs raw honey, 1 tbs raw almond butter, small handful raw walnuts, 1 tsp coconut oil, 3 figs, ice & water.  Like fudge!

One note.  It was chilly tonight and very difficult on my bike ride home from work to wrap my head around not having hot food.  It also wasn’t easy skipping the normal routine of sitting down after my shift and making myself and the people I work with a nice stiff drink…they all seemed a little hurt when I told them I was going to have to skip it.