Fat Kid Suit


“Palm Springs man was eating too much of the wrong things…was drinking far too much.”

That’s the opening line in an article about me published in today’s Desert Sun newspaper.

Feels strange to have unattractive pics of yourself made public (even in my “after” picture I still have a ways to go).  But I am stoked to see raw food being made even a temporary subject here in the desert!

Being mentioned in the same piece as people like Sarma  Melngailis, owner of Pure Food & Wine in NYC, raw athlete Tim VanOrden, and the famous Juliano, owner of Planet Raw in Santa Monica, was more than flattering!

The paper also interviewed Laura Laffranchini, owner of Harvest Health Foods in Palm Desert.  Cool to hear her say, “We get a lot of customers who are either doing it or are curious about it [raw food].  It’s happening, and it’s happening on a large scale.”

Since some of you who are reading this are doing so because the link to my blog is in today’s paper, I thought I’d take a second to welcome you and extend my help in anyway I can give it if you are interested in trying out a raw foods diet.

Just leave a comment and I will get in touch with you!  I am looking for people  locally that I can work with to get raw classes and other resources available here in the Coachella Valley very soon.

If you read the piece, and thought, “what the hell is raw food?”, here is a list of some reasons to consider eating a diet that includes a lot of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds:

  • Eating more fruits and veggies is a no brainer.
  • Eating less hormone & antibiotic injected meat, that’s fed who knows what, while being treated very poorly, is also pretty obvious.
  • Filling your body with natural “good” fats (think avocados and viscous cold-pressed olive oil) not only feels and tastes great but also green lights your body to drop nasty stored fat.
  • Changing to a diet that actually helped me cut all manner of cravings was a life-saver.
  • Eating raw foods makes your skin glow radiantly and leaves you looking younger!
  • Feeling light and energized after every meal–instead of laden–is a big plus; especially for busy people.
  • Paying ZERO attention to how much you eat is one of the best parts of eating raw.  You never worry if you are eating too much, because EVERYTHING you eat is good for you, and your body is freed to naturally shut off your hunger when you are nutritionally satiated.
  • Knowing that the way you eat is contributing to a healthier planet and that you are no longer supporting an artificial approach to something as sacred as food feels really good too.
  • It’s also amazing to eat so good that you no longer stand in the vitamins & supplements aisle bewildered by all the potential deficiencies you might have.  Instead food is your cure.
  • And finally for me, eclipsing all that stuff, is a general sense of well-being, bordering on euphoria, that I hope I never take for granted…

Thank you Maggie Downs and the rest of the Desert Sun team for writing a cool & informative piece about people who eat raw!

P.S. One small correction.  The paper said it took me 6 weeks to lose 33 lbs.  It actually took seven.  That’s over 4.7 lbs. per week, and if you read previous posts you will see that didn’t include a lot of exercise…

More great stuff coming soon!

-Ken Gray