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60 day raw food log: day 17 Weighing the cost of a raw food diet…is it worth it? (Part 2)

Yesterdays blog (part 1) looked at the misconception that eating “raw” has to be expensive.  It really doesn’t.

Today (part 2) I share what I think is a much bigger price to pay than money when it comes to the raw foods life…

Tomorrow (part 3) I’m going to look at the innumerable benefits of eating raw and try to do a simple Pro’s & Con’s analysis to see if eating raw feels worth it to me.

Part 2



I love coffee.  The aroma. The acidity. The buzzzzz. And I especially crave the taste.  Black tar washing down my gullet.

I know coffee isn’t great for me.  Sure every so often there’s a report about it having antioxidants as long as we drink it in moderation…come on…let’s be big boys & girls and admit it…we like coffee because it’s a drug.  An upper extraordinaire.


This morning I woke up feeling like shit.  Warmed over death.  I had almost all juice yesterday and it’s kicking the cleansing back into high gear for me.  Now normally, a quick $3 exchange with my dealer in the green apron would instantly change how I felt. LITERALLY.

Yeah-yeah there would be an energy spike and a corresponding drop..blah blah blah…that’s what a second cup of coffee is for.  And I like most people ENJOY the coffee roller coaster.  Especially because the ride right next to it in the park is the Booze Cruise. booze-cruise

So let me bottom line how I feel about coffee despite the fact that I am better hydrated and overall better off without it.  I miss the nervous creative highs & lows I experienced with coffee.


If coffee is creative than alcohol is fun. Right?  We’ve ALL had fun drinking.  And we’ve all cursed Jack, Jim, and Jose for ever being born.

66 A Shirt Full of BoozeIt’s tough to imagine the world without alcohol.  The liquid hazy realm is where we all become stuff of legends…”Dude!  I got SO trashed!  I woke up in a planter in front of a bank!” and “WTF Lara, don’t you remember peeing on the McDonald’s sign last night

in front of like one million people driving down Wilshire?”

Good times.

I’ve been bartending for about three years.  I’m not the kind of bartender who throws bottles in the air.  I’m not particularly fast.  I’m the kind of bartender that gets to know you and makes you a perfect drink every time.

I love beer & liquor (slowly coming around on wine with the help of Chilean malbecs ), my love of bourbon and tequila drives me to constantly learn and craft each cocktail.

You know how they say that what people choose to drink says a lot about them.  It’s true.  It’s a fascinating thing and what’s really cool is that it changes both seasonally and slowly over time as someones personality shifts.

For example, when I lived in the cold SF bay area all my drinking revolved around bourbon and dark seasonal ales makers-mark-cocktail-shaker-1from NorCal on up through the Oregon coast (My all time fave was Lagunitas’ Lucky 13 Mondo Red).  The cocktail I liked to treat myself to was a stiff Maker’s Manhattan.

When I moved to Palm Springs I became obsessed with drinking Hefeweizens during the hot summer days and with meals.  My desert tonic of choice?  The simplest Tanqueray gimlet:  3 oz of Tanqueray, the juice squeezed from half a lime, and ice go into the shaker.  Shake the HELL out of it and strain it UP into a chilled cocktail glass or over fresh ice in a clear plastic Dixie cup if I was taking out to the pool…


If I seem like I’m rambling a little, that’s because I am.

I want to convey that I really like and miss these things.  I can’t sit here and type some BS lie like, “Oh…I don’t really miss any of that.”  Because I do.


Now obviously, I don’t have to give up food.  I eat as much of it as I want.  As long as it’s fruit, vegetables, nuts…

I’m talking about pizza, steak, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, lasagna, burritos, sushi, cornbread, bacon, chili-cheese fries, artisan goat cheese, nachos, sourdough melts, street tacos, BBQ, potato salad, tamales, Vegas buffets, spanakopita, cubano sandwiches, breakfast potatoes, garlic bread, chips & salsa, pad thai, samosas, baingan bharta, and anything made or topped with copious amounts of sweet roasted garlic…

Making that list this early in my attempt at 60 days raw (and maybe as a way of life) is both a little sadistic and masochistic…but you knew I’d eventually have to get some S&M into a blog called Live Nude Food. Click here for a little amateur food porn I downloaded on a day last week when my food cravings were worse than normal. Go ahead and click it. You know you want to.

So right now you’re probably thinking “WTF!?”.  Me too.

I’ve run out of the time needed to delve into the social ramifications of being a raw food weirdo (that IS what people think).  Suffice it to say that if you think eating a diet that is contrary in every last respect to what the rest of your family, your friends, and the country eats…carries zero consequences; your crazier than Tom Cruise.

Yeah, you can get all new friends (maybe you need to anyways).  You can carry baggies of cacao to the movies and thank the big dipper that raw eateries are coming soon to a corner near you.  But it’s not gonna be all fun, and it sure as hell isn’t easy.  So why claim that it is?


You can see why I say this is the real cost of going raw.  And it’s one I’m still weighing out myself.  It’s good that I’ve made the decision to commit to 60 days 100% raw NO MATTER WHAT.  If I was trying to ask these same questions over and over every day, it would be a disaster for me.  In the meantime my health and overall feeling about life have drastically improved in just two weeks.  That’s frickin impressive on any level.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Tomorrow I’ll try and articulate what’s so incredible about the raw foods experience, and I’ll ask myself how it stacks up to the booze cruise…

What I ate today:

  • Carrot/Orange/Apple juice
  • Half a Pineapple/Green Powder/Honey/Coconut Oil “Colada”
  • My new chocolate hemp Cocoa Puffs shake
  • The other half of the pineapple…

Notes: Felt full all day.  So much buzzy energy I almost don’t feel grounded.  Went for a long walk at dusk along a dried out river bed. I’m updating this at 4:45 in the morning and haven’t gone to sleep yet…

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60 Days Raw Log: Day 4 is like groundhog day, but with gin & meatballs


Day 4

Almost Halloween…working in the service industry blows…you are always working when the other 90% of the world is partying. Friend from L.A. called today asking if I could come do the West Hollywood Halloween party thing…had to give the “I’m working all weekend” depressing answer.

And, unfortunately this year I’m bartending the whole weekend in a rather geriatric setting–an old school Italian restaurant/piano bar where the patrons sing the same Frank Sinatra type melodies over and over and over…like groundhog day with gin & meatballs. The old piano player is cool though.  He gets hammered and is anything but “PC” with his Obama jokes as he reaches up the old ladies dresses when they stand next to the piano to sing.

Woke up today at 1pm–felt shitty & cold.  No other way to put it.  Didn’t feel like eating anything, especially cold raw food.  Picked up a book and fell back asleep.

At 2pm I had my first meal, and my first experience with spirulina. Talk about Halloween ghoulish!  The coolest, strangest, blue-green stuff I’ve ever seen in a blender.  Wild.  The label on the glass container it comes in says “Spirulina is a HARD-CORE superfood.”  I will go so far to say spirulina is XXX! I’m pretty adventurous with food and I was afraid to drink it.  My girlfriend screamed and ran away.  I blended a heaping tbs with a whole banana, a tbs of raw honey, a tbs of cacao nibs, and a tbs of almond butter (with water and ice).  All I can say after drinking it…I think I finally met God…and Her name is Spirulina…

Here is a spirulina link to a web page that goes into great detail about the science and evolution of spirulina, it’s only one page (so you should read it) and makes me want to ingest a lot more of this stuff…was it the “manna” from God those wandering Israelites never stopped complaining about having to eat?

What I ate today:

  • Spirulina Smoothie!
  • Pear
  • Lara Bar
  • Apple
  • Giant Salad: Spinach, Lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, Greek olives, olive oil, lemon, black pepper, mustard, rawmesean.
  • Brownie smoothie: This one turned out amazing…1tbs raw cacao powder, 1 tbs raw honey, 1 tbs raw almond butter, small handful raw walnuts, 1 tsp coconut oil, 3 figs, ice & water.  Like fudge!

One note.  It was chilly tonight and very difficult on my bike ride home from work to wrap my head around not having hot food.  It also wasn’t easy skipping the normal routine of sitting down after my shift and making myself and the people I work with a nice stiff drink…they all seemed a little hurt when I told them I was going to have to skip it.