Fat Kid Suit


The son of a traveling salesman I was infected early with gypsy wanderlust and the pleasure of disconnect.  Every couple years I feel the urge to move somewhere completely new.  New identities & approaches are fun to try on like Halloween costumes.

folsom street stomper

All my fantasies are escapist and involve a fictional interest bearing account that allows me to never have to call any place home…in other words I want to be homeless when I grow up.

My girlfriend and I recently moved from SF to Palm Springs so she can complete an MFA in Creative Writing (SEE UPDATE BELOW!).  She is a yoga teacher and animal lover. Yogi

I begrudgingly share my space with a one-eyed cat she saved from death row…



A runt tabby she fed milk to from a dropper and a Russian Desert Tortoise…

self and nat 021

Sadly Natasha the desert totoise disappeared and we hope she is OK and enjoying the desert!

Born in San Luis Obispo Ca, I have also lived in, and worked a number of odd jobs in NYC (bike messenger & corporate sales), L.A. (day trader and ambulance driver), Florida (car and gym membership salesman), Vermont (squatter),  Arizona (vacuum dealer and motor home salesman), and Vegas (cab driver).  As a child I lived in California, Texas, and Colorado. I currently tend bar in a campy Palm Springs piano bar.

May 2012 UPDATE! 

  • Annie completed her MFA! After two years slaving over her first novel she is in the Valley of Darkness writers stagger through in search of literary agents. Her only torchlight at times are the pit bulls, alley cats, and other friends she hangs out with at the animal shelter in…

  • Seattle! We moved here late last summer and live in a too small apartment on the historic Elliott Bay waterfront. There are trails, cargo ships, tug boats, ferries, mountains, and life changing cups of coffee everywhere.

This is what you see when you stand on our roof and look west. On a clear day the Olympic Mountains pop up and fill your viewfinder.

  • The runt tabby Annie bottle-fed is a teenager now.  
  • I’m unemployed and hope to never work in a restaurant again. At this point however, I have zero idea about what to do…

9 thoughts on “Me

  1. Wow those are some all star pets!

  2. Ooh I love the way you wrote about yourself, and the really fun-sounding life you’re living together. Your pets have total attitude, or maybe that’s just because of how you described them. 😉

    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. So I know this is my 3rd comment on your site in the last 5 minutes – I am not stalking you or anything. But I have a one eyed cat and an african spurred tortoise!

  4. Sounds like a good life. I admire your nomadic impulses and ability to do any job.

  5. I came to your site to see your before and after pics and dont see them anywhere? 😦

    • you caught me….

      i don’t have after pics for my 60 days raw. only the 30 day pic the newspaper took is posted.

      2 things happened…i re-injured myself (hernia) and forgot all about the after stuff…and i am working bananas right now since it is high season here in palm springs so i have been neglecting/ignoring this blog completely.

      my sorries for your disappointment, esp cuz u made a special effort to check back, maybe i’ll get going blogging again come summer slow season, but i am also trying to get back to my fiction writing–so can’t say for sure.

      thanks though for your interest and comment, and cheers!

  6. I have a one eyed cat too. It’s my spirit animal.

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