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I haven’t been blogging lately.  I feel kinda bad, but not that bad, about that.   My blog is sorta on its own right now–a latch-key blog–which should have me feeling awful guilty except that I was a latch-key too.  And I turned out; whatever that turns out to mean.

walking around town

And then there were promises I made…that I would soon write blogs about this or that micro thinking thing.  And maybe some reader of my blogs somewhere is a little disappointed.  Maybe somebody is pissed off even?  “Damn you Fat Kid guy!  I need more random lack of insight!  Who the hell are you to not write total shit on a semi-regular basis!?”

It all started stopping with Japan.  My not blogging.  I tried to blog about Japan, or anything else I could fathom.  Pure drivel, I mean chunks of crap, poured out of me.  Opinions wrapped in judgement like grey hot dogs wrapped in rubbery bacon.  I detest bacon wrapped hot dogs.   The world has gone mad and I just don’t have anything to add.

So my apologies, Fat Kid Suit is silent for now, which is why I thought I should submit this blog and explain why I’m not blogging.


Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

5 thoughts on “Latch-Key Blog

  1. No piss-appointment. 😉 You don’t owe the world any updates. As an aside, “chunks of crap” may be good to get out of your system via writing. They don’t have to go in your blog, they can go anywhere. See you later. 🙂

  2. Hey – when you’re writing again, we’ll be reading.

  3. When I was coming up, getting “turned out” had quite a different connotation………so if that’s what you meant then good for you! Sounds amazing!

    As far as not writing – super sad face 😦 When you are ranting and rambling is when you’re the most fun to read. So please, tell us you’ve become a full-on vegan and shooting heroine has really made the transition easier, or that you’ve gone back to full-blown raw eating, and smoking OXY seems to make you forget all about fried food, chocolate, coffee, and cheesecake. Cuz that’s all we want to hear – your wonderful, brutally honest, insightful ramblings about interesting things and health facts that we otherwise wouldn’t have known, mixed with a heavy dose of hatred for the general public, and an overdose of self-deprecation.

    In case my sarcasm was too thick, I want to be perfectly clear – I think you’re amazing and miss your BLOG and will gladly be put on the list of people to “turn you out” in the future, if that helps you get over your writer’s block.

  4. With joy I realized this morning that you had been blogging again. And now that I’ve caught up I know you have disappeared again. So here’s wishing you peace in your world where you are obviously struggling to find your rightful place. I’ll look forward to the next installments on your journey.

    • Thanks Zan…

      I am writing actually, a lot, but what I am doing now is very different than what I was trying to do with Fat Kid Suit…

      My new site is an unapologetic self-exploration/installation that includes some food…and a lot of sex. For some reason I am currently obsessed with writing poems and I am digging through my old PC files and posting unfinished nonsensical experimental short fiction bits as well…

      So if you, or anyone else are interested in checking it out (and you don’t mind sometimes overtly graphic material) please visit endlessbridge.com and say hello!


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