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Rambling Radiation and Macro Thinking


Back from a crazy weekend in Tijuana (TJ stories coming soon!) to the sometimes myopic world I inhabit.

Just before crossing the border for a weekend of drinking in Mexico I attended one of the world’s largest natural foods conventions dubbed “Expo West.”  Hundreds of thousands of square feet in Anaheim California were covered with pretty girls hawking “natural” cosmetics, pills, chocolate, gluten-free products, beer, and even pet food.  The Expo is a place fraught with myopia and attention to the fragments and macro-elements of nutrition.  The words “whole foods” are used frequently, but few foods can actually be found in their whole form.  You will not see any bananas, tomatoes, mangoes, or spinach.  But there are lots of extracts and powders containing these “miracle” foods.

The labeling on most of the products is testament to marketing genius.  One companies Teas are labeled exclusively with the disorder or ailment you are hoping to treat–the variety of tea is found only in the small print.  Imagine walking up to a display rack full of tea packets and choosing “long life tea” or “asthma no more tea” or “stop crapping my pants tea.”  At one very reputable company’s booth I found a pill bottle simply labeled “Beautiful Legs.”  Beneath the product shelf, you guessed right, a poster of some beautiful legs.


Now available in a capsule.

While it was heartening to see so many companies trying to craft minimally processed foods devoid of GMOs, chemicals, crap fillers like gluten, and unneeded animal products, I could not escape the feeling that I was in the midst of so many snake oil sellers.

The fiber pushers especially confound me.  Yogurt that will make you poop?  Water containing fiber.  Pills with fiber.  People do realize that if they just eat some fruit and greens they have this whole issue covered, right?


This banner was in the mens room...

When I was walking around and looking at all the new stuff I couldn’t help but be impressed with all the ingenuity.  But it felt like I was in a mega store for astronauts who would need all these products because while journeying through space they wouldn’t be able to enjoy something as simple as an apple.

Or maybe these products will save us.  The web is full of speculation about radiation poisoning here on the west coast as a result of jet stream carried fallout.  The nutrition gurus are cashing in on split-cell chlorella pills and anything containing loads of iodine.  I’ve already taken all the free samples I was given at Expo West of each…

Part of the Exclusion Zone--Or the Zone of Alienation surrounding Cherynobyl

Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

10 thoughts on “Rambling Radiation and Macro Thinking

  1. Glad to read you made it back from Tijuana.

    I admit I’d probably be a sucker for a shopping bag full of those powders and pills. That’s why I leave my billfold at home at those conventions, and load up on free samples instead. 🙂

  2. Ah! I LOVE your posts. I feel the same way. I wish that my last column (inspired by you) had posted online (boo on the newspaper). It was about dieting on one ingredient foods… Anyhoo… this blog is another biggie for me. Snake oil is exactly right. Good health = connectedness… to ourselves, to our food, and even to our environment and our loved ones. breaking things down and mixing them up only takes you further from that.

    Well, you’ve brought up another point that I used for this Sunday’s Health Nut column. It’s about combating possible radiation poisoning. Of course the slant is more toward the East Coast, and if there IS going to be any threat it will be in the West Coast first… but the long and short of it is, iodine saturation requires levels of iodine strong enough to cause side effects that MAY outweigh the effects of the small amounts of radiation we’d be receiving here in the US. Eat lots of sea vegetables with naturally derived iodine and powerful detoxifying microfibers instead. You can find supplements for that, too. If you’re interested I’ll send you the link with my research once it publishes.

    Ok. Sorry for rambling. Thanks for keeping me interested in your posts

    • glad you enjoy my stuff, please do send me your link.

      so far the list i have from nosing around the web for foods/substances that may help lessen the effects of radiation are:


      split-cell chlorella


      kelp & other sea veggies naturally rich in iodine


      fulvic acid

      sea salt/miso

      high dose vitamin C

      coconut products, especially coconut cream


      Also, many “experts” say to not waste your money dosing with these things as a preventative, they don’t really work like that. Have them on hand to take in regular supplemental doses and so that you have them available to take in higher doses if you know you are exposed.

      The other point that CM’s link highlights is to focus on your general immuno-health, avoid sugar and white flour which severely compromise immune function and eat lots of greens and citrus, etc.

      • I hadn’t heard of many of these! The article I wrote was focused predominately on the sea vegetables… which my source did say could be used as a preventative… BUT only in low dose radiation situations… which is likely what we are experiencing here in NJ (if that), but it may be a little more than that on the West Coast. Anyhoo, here’s the link if you’re still interested.


      • I meant to add that I appreciate these additional food sources. I hadn’t heard of them although I’ve done lots of research into the sugar/gluten/dairy immune responses. It all makes sense. I may have to do a second follow-up article incorporating some more research based on your suggestions 🙂 Thanks as always for more food for thought!

      • yeah, i have read so many difft ideas RE all this the past week or so. your article looks great. i think ultimately the real “fallout” from the japan disasters will be economic–people are seriously underestimating what a blow this is to the WORLD’s economy and i deeply feel for japan–it will be decades of recovery for them.

  3. Wait – I’ve been running and walking and cycling for years, and all I’ve needed to get good legs is a pill? Fuck. Why didn’t someone tell me sooner?

    I think, if you took inventory of how “regular” people were, well, I think most people eat so much processed foods that their intestines become a bit well-preserved, and nothing gets through. Have you read this one? http://www.mommywantsvodka.com/the-perils-of-number-two

    I don’t think her story is unique.

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