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Is it even possible to avoid Monsanto’s GMO products?


Food that is really born in laboratories...

I am going to cheat in a big way today and provide an intriguing link to another blog.  I’m doing this for three reasons:

  1. It is fucking gorgeous out and I want to go on a bike ride before work instead of writing.
  2. This is a really great article on one woman’s telling experiment.
  3. Seeing the recent news about Bio-science companies getting approval to grow rice in Kansas spliced with human genes freaked me out!

The story is about her decision to live without Monsanto for just one month.  And it was a lot more difficult than she anticipated…

“By day two of my attempt to remove Monsanto from my life, I realized I was in way over my head.”
–April Davila

Take a friend to a Farmer's Market!

But don’t worry, she also provides some spot on suggestions on exactly how we can avoid genetically modified foods too.

Please click here to read her story and enjoy.  I would really like to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

5 thoughts on “Is it even possible to avoid Monsanto’s GMO products?

  1. Great link! Thanks for posting. I’ve been on a mission to avoid all non-organic corn (especially corn since I don’t eat much soy or other frequently grown GMO foods) ever since I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s not easy, especially since we avoid gluten in our home (making corn and rice a very good carb substitute). I’d love to avoid non-organic cotton, but this is hard for many reasons! Unfortunately I live in an area where organic food is embarrassingly hard to come by. I’m still on the prowl for a place that raises affordable free range organic meat. Plus all organic dairy products are a must. Thankfully come summer I have a subscription to a local farm that raises organically grown produce. Cannot wait for that to start again! Small steps, granted, but the important thing is we all do what we can for better health and a better environment.
    Thanks so much for posting

  2. You can’t stop the Walmart, and you can’t stop the Monsanto. Living 100% Monsanto-free would mean cutting yourself off from things like dining out and shopping in general.

    I know I eat GMOs and pesticide and herbicide reside. I don’t own an organic farm, so I have to accept the reality of BIG AG and Monsanto. And BIG AG, factory farming, the dairy industry, Monsanto- they’re all tied together, and they’re all evil IMO.

    I finally convinced my husband to stop buying cow boob juice (though it was more of a matter of it going to waste than his humane considerations). But he won’t give up meat and I’m not going to try to convince him. This weekend we’re going out to his favorite steakhouse for our anniversary. They have dead animal heads on the wall. I’ll order my pesticide- and herbicide-tainted GMOs, and he’ll order his cut of cow carcass. It may sound awful, but we actually have a good time.

    • i don’t think it is about stopping corporations, but consumer action (what we buy) matters a lot. turning things around, or even just mitigating harm is a slow arduous process that is still well worth it.

      that is where i’m at. i pay more, sometimes a lot more, to support the people who are trying to provide real food, and because i don’t want my $ going to monsanto.

      no way can i do this 100%, but i am making every attempt i can.

      • Agreed! As consumers we have SO much power. I like how you say “it’s a slow arduous process that is still well worth it” Absolutely true. Keep up the good work 🙂

      • We do what we can to stop the destruction, but most people don’t. It’s part of the human condition, IMO. I suppport and promote organic and non-GMO food not because I think I’m going to help save the world, but but it’s the right thing to do.

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