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Out For The Count–90 Day Fitness Challenge Ends Badly


A lot of people have been asking me what is going on with the 90 day natural fitness challenge.  It’s over. For me. For now.

Before doing my raw transformation I had the beginnings of an inguinal hernia causing all kinds of problems.  Losing a ton of weight seemed to help…but about 40 days into my exercise push the “hernia” came back.  I’ve been 100% sidelined from any exertion other than trying to make it through each shift at work–which has been grueling.


The timing sucks, because I was really getting active and starting to enjoy the intensity, I was even getting ready to ramp up my hiking and begin trail-running.  I also have a 35lb. kettlebell on order that is going to be totally off limits for some time.

I’m researching alternatives to surgery and not coming up with much.  The first goal is to lose another 15 pounds or so, and see if that further reduces strain from being overweight.  Since I can’t exercise much…I’m thinking I will be starting another 30 days 100% raw very soon…I know no better way to drop weight.

If you know of any alternatives to hernia surgery, or special exercises, please let me know.

If anyone else has taken up the 90 day challenge and would like to share their story (and before & after pics), please let me know and I’ll set it up so you can do a guest blog!

If I come up with any new recipes I will post them.  Otherwise I probably won’t blog much–until there is something worth blogging about.

Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

4 thoughts on “Out For The Count–90 Day Fitness Challenge Ends Badly

  1. Fascinating stuff http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hernia …. so here is my thought on the whole issue. Stop working out and ONLY eat RAW FOOD. Do tons of green juicing and superfood smoothies. REST and LOVE yourself. Do the EMOTIONAL work necessary to heal the tissues of your cellular being. Optimal nutrition begins and ends with SELF LOVE. Every physical manifestation of dis-ease began with an emotional fracture.
    Sending you love! ~ Gabrielle

    • Thanks Gabrielle,

      I sent you a reply, but I don’t think it went through?

      You are articulating exactly what I KNOW I need/and am ready to do.

      Emotional fracture/Cellular Level…good stuff.

      Much love back at you.

  2. You are so welcome! Any support please feel free to connect. 🙂

  3. Wow, good for Gabrielle. I love her comment & totally agree…
    “Do tons of green juicing and superfood smoothies. REST and LOVE yourself.”

    Keep things really smooth & easy for your intestines. Eating like this will also help to drop excess weight. Win win. 🙂 If you can take some time off to fast & rest, that would definitely help things to heal much faster.


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