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60 day raw food log: Day 39 I’m all out of balance & can’t figure out how to get grounded eating raw!


I think someone put too much Yang in my smoothie.  Or maybe it’s Yin… I can never remember which is which.

Anyway I have way too much of the crazy untethered in the stratosphere floating through electric fields kind.  And while having a lot of energy is a nice change–I certainly don’t want to go back to that numbed world I was living in just 5 weeks ago–what I am experiencing is unnerving and does NOT feel balanced.

Every other day I don’t go to bed.  I almost never want to eat–I’m just not hungry.  When I do eat anything other than fresh succulent fruit; I regret it and wish I had fruit.  It’s like there is nothing in my stomach to “buffer” anything more substantial than fruit and it’s juiciness.

My nut consumption is going way down.  I don’t want salads or cabbage.  And when I do try to make a new gourmet raw food recipe I’m usually disappointed.  Why?  What happened to all the fun I was having in the kitchen?  I’ve always enjoyed traditional cooking, and was getting off on experimenting w/ raw menu items.

Let me be real about where I’m at after this past week experiencing truly manic levels of unfocused energy.  I can’t wait for this 60 days I committed to to be over!  I want lentils.  I want potatoes.  I want some grounding ,requires digestion, so you can rest medicine.

Maybe 100% raw is just TOO much?

TO be fair I want to quickly point out two semi-related issues that I know are contributing to the insomnia and my feeling off-kilter…

1.  I started blogging & tweeting at exactly the same time I started my 60 day raw “challenge.”  I thought it would be cool to share the experience with anyone interested.  I didn’t know I would be throwing myself into a new universe whose steep learning curve and addictive nature are it’s price of entry.  I also didn’t know that it would be a place with large stretches of haunting emptiness and occasional noxious gas clouds back lit by glaring red stars…

2.  I need a more intense physical outlet.  Now that I’m lighter and feel so much better I’m doing myself a huge disservice by not rigorously exercising every day.

Deepak Chopra (Who I don’t follow on Twitter because he tweets way too much) has this thing he talks about which has stuck with me for years…it goes something like this…



That’s something I am sorely missing.  So understand I’m not blaming this on raw foods, but for me right now it’s all related. I thought riding my bike more, taking a hike on the weekend, and occasionally dropping and doing some push-ups would cover it.  It’s not enough for my fruit filled dragster body.

So here’s my plan to try and be in possession of my sanity and other faculties at the end of the next 3 weeks:

1. More Greens & Water. You will read this in almost every raw food context you can find, and I think I can do better with both…

2. Set a cut off time for Twitter and Blogging. Like no Twitter or blogs after midnight.  I need to pop in a DVD and be entertained or read one of the countless books piled high in my “READ!” stack.

3. Breathe! Seriously how often do we forget to breathe?  I can get so hooked into cyberspace that I forget to drink water and I’ll sit there bouncing around in my chair because I need to piss so bad!  That’s also why I’m taking advantage of this gorgeous Palm Springs day and blogging outside by the pool…

4. Start back to Bikram Yoga. It’s been almost two years.  It’s time.  Not only is this the “dynamic activity” I’m missing in my life–it also will really help me with #3–BIG BREATHS!

Yup. That's a Jesus Pose...

That said, I’m still looking forward to reintegrating some healthy cooked foods (sorry hard-core raw foodists, I know you think “healthy cooked food” is an oxymoron) back into my life.

I’ve been promising a post about some ideas I have for the long-term.  That post will come soon, just let me get my finger out of the electric socket first!

Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

9 thoughts on “60 day raw food log: Day 39 I’m all out of balance & can’t figure out how to get grounded eating raw!

  1. I’m back on path to a 90% raw diet. My 10% will be cooked vegetables & occasionally fish. My favorite cooked vegetables are brussel sprouts, sweet potato, and cauliflower. I make these for dinner alongside some salad.

    The days of 100% raw dogma are over. It was very much like this when I discovered raw foods in 2004, but the last 2-3 years have seen most of the major raw food personalities/gurus step away from this & advocate a more balanced approach.

    I can definitely see the benefits of doing a “challenge” like this to get used to the lifestyle & focused on the new habit. Good luck with your final 3 weeks.

    • right there w/ u allisun.

      i’m NOT feeling the vegan thing at all. in fact 2 wks into this i knew that wasn’t what i wanted. (i will blog in-depth about this very soon)

      the increased awareness that inevitably results from a period of time eating all or mostly raw is great for figuring stuff like that out.

      you make a great point to about committing to something like this as a way to get grounded in how raw can be a PART of your life going forward. i think it’d be difficult for most to realistically make the jump to having even HALF their diet sourced from raw foods if they didn’t spend some time exp’n what it’s like to live only on those foods…

      two months may be too long for many. but a couple weeks will teach anyone a lot about their dependencies and perhaps unveil some illusions they have about food categories, quantities, etc.

      DOGMA in any shape or form ain’t for me. In fact it sorta bothers me there are even all these terms to describe ways of eating. Seems like my way of eating would be called “my way of eating.” and not fit into some box…

      love your insights and tweets and all your too cool for school Norcal-ness allisun–Thanks!

  2. Let me know how the bikram + raw thing goes…I am doing regular Ashtanga based Vinyasa classes, and sometimes fear that I’m not taking in enough food for 4x week of 90-minute yoga. (i.e. do I need something more substantial, like BREAD or POTATOTES?)

    • hello again!

      did u move to LA–whats w/ the new blog name?

      i did bikram last time i did raw and it was fine. i don’t know if “need” comes into it. i did tons of bikram while on the master cleanse…it sucked..but i was getting something difft out of it…make any sense?

      what i’m starting to think all us food obsessives don’t give enough room for is what we “WANT” & “LIKE.” we live once as far as we know. and life should be some balance btwn wants & needs i’m guessing?

      and we have whatever our cultures foods are and partying and travel and so why not have this habitual healthy way of eating that feels right for us and do all the stuff u know is good for you and then sometimes just really jump into a big plate of whatever is calling your name…

      here’s one of my fave all time quotes, have no idea who said it:

      “Better to eat beer & franks,
      with cheer & thanks…
      Than sprouts & bread,
      with doubts & dread.”

      Feel me?

  3. We are still trying to figure out how much raw our bodies can handle. We eat a mostly raw diet though have been experimenting with some cooked foods… still having a hard time figure out what our bodies like and dont like. Oh the joys! Hang in there, sounds like you got a good plan.

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  5. i’m just starting on my own raw food diet challenge ….. part of what you are describing is your bodies ability to process and use the raw nutrients quicker, so not so much of the energy your producing is needed for bodily funcitons, your mind is clearer because of the pure energy … i have a freind who regular dose 40-60 day fasts as well as eating raw food when he’s not fasting … he describes the same type of boundless energy … he is an artist and takes this time to not only meditate and excercise but also to create artwork … have you thought about also doing anything creative? explored any of your hobbies while your in this state and have so much to focus with?

    • Yes, I write.

      Interestingly, when I am eating poorly, my creativity ebbs big-time.

      I only had the energy to blog in the first place because of the immediate surplus of energy that came with raw eating.

      I am wanting to get back to raw PRIMARILY for the creative benefits and general sense of well being I exp’d.


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