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Raw Food Thanksgiving: In just 30 days I’ve gone from zero to MY hero.


Today I want to thank myself for seriously committing to change.

My 3oth straight day raw was actually yesterday, but it’s timely to post my first set of before & after pictures today; a day we all pull our heads out of our asses and attempt to give thanks for the bounty that is existence.


What I’m thankful for today

I am thankful for my body’s insane resiliency; its capacity to bounce back and regenerate itself is incredible.

One month ago today I was sitting here at this same spot (my kitchen table) drinking continuous triple measured gin gimlets and eating massive quantities of nutrient deficient, fat laden, coma inducing food.  How the hell do I remember what I was doing a month ago?  That’s what I did every day.

The almost manic levels of energy I am experiencing (after getting past a couple difficult weeks) is making me want to explore so many things.  I have way less time than energy now–the INVERSE of  my life just one short month ago–where time lagged and I didn’t give a shit about anything.  I certainly had never blogged before, let alone about raw foods!  Now I have this daily-growing list of topics I want to explore, people I want to meet, stuff I want to try, recipes I cant wait to make, and places I’m dying to travel to…


A real load off

Weighed myself Tuesday and am proud to announce that I lost exactly 20 lbs in less than 30 days–eating only 100% raw food (raw fruits/uncooked veggies/raw nuts &eeds/raw honey & agave).

It takes a lot to post pics like these.  It’s weird to have strangers inspect your face and gut.  When I look at the picture from one month ago I’m disgusted.  How could I let myself get to that place? And while I am partly referring to the physical, please understand I am mostly referring to my mental/emotional state.


Here goes:

One month ago -- 254 big ones!


When I look at the “after” picture, I feel excited.  This is just the start.

It took 30 days just to figure out WTF was going on, get used to not drinking myself into a stupor, and find my way back into my own skin.

If you are considering making a change like this, please try to be compassionate with yourself and don’t expect too much at once. It’s a lot to just commit to a new way of eating.  The first month I kind of went into hiding, this blog my one connector to the outside world.



I really didn’t exercise the first month.  But now I have too much energy NOT too! Isn’t that a nice problem to have?

Tuesday I dug out some of those funny 1980’s style resistance bands that I bought and never used and did a crude upper body workout.  Go ahead and laugh, these bands actually work. I used them in an EMS academy years ago that was taught boot camp style.  We all (guys and girls) got ripped and experienced massive strength gains using only the bands and calisthenics during our three month academy.

Yesterday I pumped up the sadly flat tires on my neglected fixed gear and took her for a long ride.  I ride my other bike to work each day, but it’s less than 2 miles and not a work out. Nothing like only having one steep gear to reanimate my long dormant legs and ass!

Just how she should be...Simple & Hot!

Struggling up a small hill, completely anaerobic, it was tough for me to believe I used to ride my bike over 50 miles a day as a bike messenger in NYC!


Climbing Mountains

Today just before dusk I rode over to the base of a popular—extremely steep—hiking trail.  Locked my bike to the trail sign and headed straight up for about 45 minutes.  The view is staggering. Other than the big hunk of cross-sectioned moon, alone on the mountain, it REALLY hit me:  I’m doing this.  I remember this feeling. I feel incredible…

Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

8 thoughts on “Raw Food Thanksgiving: In just 30 days I’ve gone from zero to MY hero.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, this is such a beautiful and inspirational post, I’m really happy for you and I’m glad you are loving this experience.

    I eat all vegan, about 50% raw, not because I ever planned to, but once I consciously started to incorporate a bit of raw food into my diet, it became my #1 craving. I eat intuitively and always give my body what it wants and now what it wants most of the time is raw veggies!

    YES, the energy is ridiculous, isn’t it? Sometimes I get into bed at my normal time and I’m still buzzing with happiness and the urge to run around. I need less sleep and feel more amazing after 6 or 7 hours than I ever used to feel after 8 or 9.

    I LOVE the tip about being compassionate with yourself, really spot on. That is why I was so successful with enjoying more raw foods. I never made it an all or nothing deal. If I’m craving a big veggie stir fry or pot of hot soup, then I go for it, no questions asked. And that frees me up to really crave raw foods because I WANT them, not because I feel like I HAVE to.

    Great post!

    • Thanks

      I can tell that you really are a voracious individual–cool!

      Was just talking to my kid brother about intuitive eating, and how much easier it is to intuit what your body needs and wants the cleaner you eat and when you include more fruits & veggies.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Would you mind telling us what you ate for Thanksgiving? Maybe that sounds dumb but I am wondering how one gets around those awkward social situations. Any tips?

    • afraid i’m not much help on this Thanksgiving…due to work constraints I stayed behind and had a solo T-day (which wasn’t as bad as it sounds).

      so no family giving me weird looks or any of that.

      there was a ton of Twitter activity however on this topic for both raw foodies and vegans/vegetarians, etc.

      the biggest thing is to not preach about it. leave people be and bring some food to share that isn’t weird. raw desserts rival their cooked counterparts, so bring one. once you go raw you’ll be amazed that sometimes you can JUST eat dessert! the desserts are as healthy and amazing as the other things in your diet.

      a lot of people were going to bring kick-ass salads to share..most T-day salads are kind of an afterthought–bring one that’s the star of the show…or at least the understudy since most of your family will still be gob-smacked by the turkey.

      the other option is to go ahead and have some cooked food and enjoy it. i’m being strict about 100% raw for this 60 day period, but i really believe in that expression “better to have beer & franks w/ cheer & thanks, than doubts & dread with sprouts and bread!”

      so here’s what i ate on T-day since I was alone: I had juicy organic watermelon all day. I made a big helping of the raw food version of mashed “potatoes” which is made from cashews and cauliflower with spices (the recipe is in one of my earlier raw food daily logs). and for dessert i had a raw chocolate shake. While i lay on the sofa watching a movie, i snacked on “Go Nuts” spicy chipotle almonds {a great pre-made raw dehydrated snack food}.

      Hope that helps?

      • me too Dan, me too. we’re burger kinda guys.

        how was T-day? miss you guys. sadly i’m broke and couldn’t get time off!

        has Mike talked to you about the “raw until dinner idea.?” great way to lose weight and get healthier w/o giving up weekend BBQ’s!

  3. I just found your blog. I am impressed with your raw diet and can’t wait to read more of your posts. I am looking for ways to shed some weight myself. Keep up the good work. Great pictures by the way!


    • Thanks. Feels great to be losing weight this way…and i really am not dieting at all in the sense of calorie deprivation, etc. i eat what i want when i want as long as it’s live raw food.

      tonight i was CRAVING grapefruit juice and just hand-squeezed three HUGE SWEET yellow ones into a tall glass and drank it down–delicious and got right down into my cells!!!

      cheers, and good luck, and lets talk more!

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