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No raw food talk today…birthdays are fun for everybody…esp the cats!


Today’s blog is celebratory (no, I’m NOT a priest)!

Tomorrow will be my 30th day eating ONLY raw food but today I’m feeling kinda…silly!

Over the past month I’ve had some doubts about my sanity…giving up booze, food as I knew it, and coffee SUCKED.

But…I’m feeling pretty damn good right now.  Super good actually.  Energy levels are off the energy level charts–and that’s according to these guys with clipboards who keep following me around.

Tomorrow I’ll weigh myself and post 30 day “before & after pics!”

But right now I want to celebrate my budding transformation and Annie’s Birthday by sharing some fun Birthday pics of her and some crazy cats opening her presents!

Annie’s “Birthday Cake” was delicious Gluten-Free “Black & White” cookies and these unbelievably tasty things called “Fudgies” that I had shipped as a surprise from her favorite Gluten Free restaurant–which sadly is all the way in NYC…the Risotteria.

What's this...?


































I smell cardboard in the other room...










What the hell did WE get!?!















Sweet! A box! From Urban Outfitters!
















Now look into the camera baby, and give me your best Kristen Stewart American Apparel kinda look...Yeah..That's it!

















Fortunatley Annie's one leg is on the opposite side of her one arm so she can still do a BIRTHDAY DANCE!





























H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y    A N N I E !


Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

6 thoughts on “No raw food talk today…birthdays are fun for everybody…esp the cats!

  1. I loved this post! Happy Birthday to Annie! But the real stars of the show are those adorably lounging mischevious kitties! Ohhhhhh I am such a cat person, finally, after all these years. I had only ever had dogs and while I thought cats were great, I didn’t really ‘get’ them. Well, now we have a cat and I am in love. They are insane.

    • Thanks Tasha, I’m still warming up to pets in general, I prefer my animals to be on the Discovery channel..

      But Annie is a gem of a person who has taught me a lot when it comes to being kind to all things.

      You know whats hilarious? I literally just tweeted a link to your Red Pepper & Black Bean soup to someone who was looking for a tasty vegan soup to make for Thanksgving. I came across it and thought it looked perfect… http://bit.ly/5wXjWA

      Then right after that I go to check my e-mail and I see that YOU commented on MY blog. Disney’s “small world” is now shrieking in my head..


  2. Great pictures! I love Annies hair! I have just had a quick read through the last few days……you are doing fantastic!

    • Thanks Michelle!

      I am feeling AWESOME! Plz check out tomorrows blog. I’m gonna post my 1 month pics. I was really shocked when I saw the before and after side by side!

      BTW, I like Annie’s hair too, esp after I bought her this organic avocado oil pomade from the farmers market (they grow the avos themselves and make oils for salads and beauty products! the soaps like velvet!).


  3. Just found your blog and have spent some time reading through your posts — your raw journey is so inspiring! I was especially impressed to read that you’re 30 days raw — what a dietary transition you’ve gone through in just one month. Kudos to you!

    Happy birthday to your Annie, hope the Fudgies were good (they sure SOUND good!)


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