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60 day raw food log: Day 14 RAW FOOD CONTROVERSY


Don’t read this if you are easily offended as a raw foodie, vegetarian, or vegan.

For the hell of it today I want to write down some very specific feelings I’m having about food and how it seems to divide us into preformed types and all the thinking that surrounds it. I write now knowing that how I feel may change after I complete 60 days eating 100% raw (yesterday I referred to myself as an ever-changing furnace) and it will be interesting to re-read this then.

I’d also really like to hear your thoughts, so please take the time to comment if you have anything you’d like to share.

Here goes:

1. I don’t think its wrong that some humans eat meat. I’ve gone all over the map on this. When I was 18 or so I read John Robbin’s work Diet For a New America. Really made sense. So much so I “became” a Vegan (see the wording there?) for 3 years.

I also read Harvey Diamonds Fit for Life and started telling everyone that because we don’t have sharp fangs and lack the impulse to chase little squirrels around and tear them apart with our non-existent claws; that proves humans are not supposed to eat meat.squirrel

My feeling now is that we need to focus more on eating meat more consciously. And no, I don’t think that means that we should only eat meat we hunt or kill with our own hands. Human evolution happens through implementation of technologies. That’s HOW we evolve.

If vegans and raw food people really want to make a huge impact–work on helping everyday people (most will always eat meat) eat less and better sources of meat & dairy. Stop judging people and start helping them. We need to clean up our oceans so we can eat clean fish if we want to eat fish. We need to support families who raise animals humanely.

That’s my current feeling about meat…

2. The real food revolution has to happen with cooked foods. Regular old cooked food restaurants are where the improvements need to come. If a gal wants to eat a slice of pizza, she should be able to find a place that isn’t serving foods with hormones, pesticides, refined sugars…If a guy wants a big fat patty melt with cheddar and onions, give it to him, don’t hold back and make it diet food or even call it “health food”, just be committed to the INGREDIENTS being the best they can be. And yeah, have loads of vegetarian, vegan, and raw choices on the menu too!

A cool example of this I recently stumbled on is a vegetarian Mexican restaurant I read about called Gracias Madre GraciasMadre-websitethe owners of Cafe Gratitude (an excellent raw restaurant in the SF Bay Area) have opened.  Why would raw restaurateurs open a cooked food eatery? I think because this is precisely where the BIGGEST impact can be made for the benefit of all. And isn’t that the real spirit of vegan raw food eating?

As a raw vegan community we would do better to villainize cooked foods less (which given the deplorable state of most cooked foods is hard to do–see–that’s why I’m saying the big changes have to come with cooking) and show people how to include more raw foods in their lives. I love the “raw til dinner” concept as an example.

I guess that’s all for now. 

I will be weighing myself tomorrow (2 weeks raw) and that scale better budge!

Author: Gray

Son of a traveling salesman who infected me early with gypsy wanderlust and the urge to move somewhere new every couple years to try on new identities. All my fantasies are escapist and in them I am free to never have to call anyplace home.

3 thoughts on “60 day raw food log: Day 14 RAW FOOD CONTROVERSY

  1. Hi FatKidSuit, 🙂

    Going raw DOES transform your life. My depression has disappeared since going raw.

    I started eating salad & some cooked veggies daily, then almost all raw & some high-fat raw foods, & now I am trying for all raw & keeping it low-fat & simple. It has been a slow journey. -You have to give time & ‘allow’ for things to happen. (Trusting, letting go & being patient are not easy.)

    The more natural & closer to nature your eating, sleeping & thinking becomes, the more connected to ‘source’ you are. High thinking & high living become your natural way of being.

    If your goal is to lose weight, (it was one of my goals), I recommend that you pay careful attention to (negative) thoughts & how much you sleep. Get enough rest & think POSITIVE. 🙂 Also, exercise a little more everyday, don’t stop. (It really slowed down my progress when my exercise slowed down.) Also, stay away from complicated raw food meals. There is a comment complaint among people people trying to go raw, “it’s too hard, too expensive, too many complicated recipes that take all day to make”. -Not if you eat simply!- Eat lots of whole fruits & combine your foods well. You & your digestion, ..and your wallet. Will be super content. I made that mistake early on. Now when I grocery shop, I chose mostly what looks good (to eat) AS IS. Does it taste good without mixing with sweetener or salt? After changing my raw habits to cleaner ones & trying to cut out night-time eating, -I am only now seeing some weight loss.

    I hope all of this info helps you on your journey. -It’s a mouth full. :D)

    Remember, it’s all one step (or bite) at a time….


    • thanks aimee

      truly appreciate the gentle encouragement and like your approach to raw

      i am already experiencing a much improved mental state

      yes, weight loss is one part of it, weighed myself today and i lost 6 more lbs this week, so thats 13 lbs total for my first 14 days, and i haven’t really done much exercise yet…although i am feeling the urge to for the first time in a while

      please allow me to say your web page and art are both INCREDIBLE, how do i get more info? do u exhibit your work???

  2. craza squirrel!!!!!!!!!! but i LUVS it!!!!!!!!! i will KILL any who want it dead!!!!!!!!!!

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